Why is Pickleball so Popular? 2022 Latest Reasons-What is Pickleball

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing Sports of US. This sport has seen a rise in popularity in last few years. In 2020 it has reported a growth of 20% despite Covid-19. People of all ages love to play this game. This is a fun game and does not require high physical fitness and can be played with much less intensity than tennis and baseball. Why is pickleball so popular and what are the things that make it so popular? In this article you will get to know.

What is Pickleball ?

Pickleball was invented in 1965 in US. It was invented in Bainbridge Island near Seattle state by three dads, when they were looking to keep their children busy. That’s when they gave them a wooden paddle, a badminton net and a perforated polymer ball like a whiffle ball and that’s how this game came into business. This sport is combination of table tennis, tennis and badminton. The sport invented by Barney McCallum, Joel Pritchard, and bill bell is still a major source of entertainment for many individuals.

What is Pickleball This sport is played on a court measured as 20 by 44 feet which is smaller than the tennis court, which makes it a much more accessible sport to everyone. You can adjust space to play this sport, something that tennis does not allow. The net is positioned like tennis unlike badminton whose net is little up. Moreover this game can also be played in singles and doubles same like tennis. In pickleball we don’t need much equipment to play unlike baseball which again make it more popular among many people. Now a days there are a lot of court where you can play this game and for that you can also trace a court near your through online searching. If you don’t have a court around you, you can make one by yourself with badminton net and positioning that net into tennis style and marking out the lines with chalk for court.

There is also an USA pickleball paddle association which you might not had heard of before which regulate the game the ball is regulated at a weight between .78 to .935 ounce and 2.874 to 2.972 inches in diameter and for paddle there are different paddle allowed to be used in game. Whereas there are lot of paddles in market which you can choose to play with price is pursuant to the quality of the paddle.

Paddle is the main equipment of this game. We can buy pickleball paddle according to our requirement through online or offline store. Paddles range from under $15 for the least expensive wood paddles used by beginners to $170+ for the top-of-the-line graphite and composite paddles. Paddles come indifferent weight with different handle and material for more info about the paddles, you can read How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle.

Coming to its name pickleball. How it got this name Pickleball? There are two story associated to it one start with Joel Pritchard’s wife, that it is a combination of different sports which reminded Joel Pritchard’s wife of the pickle boat of crew in which oarsmen were chosen from the left over of others boat whereas the other story is according to barney MacCallum the sport was named after Pritchard’s dog who liked to chase the ball.

Unique rules

There are some specific sets of rules in this game which make it different than other paddle games and these rules can be competitive and challenging at many instant. One of the unique rules about scoring the point is that, you can only earn points when serving and after earning points you have to change position with your teammates in doubles moreover the game, ends at 11, 15 or 21 points.

You also get to play this game with unique tools like a whiffle ball which is unique in nature in terms of its spin. You can place a lot of spin on this ball with your ball hitting ability which can be a challenge for people playing competitive game and can finish game under half an hour.

Why Pickleball is So Popular

Pickleball is becoming popular every year due to its distinct feature which make it popular among all type of people. This game is easy to learn and fun to play which most people like about this game, it does not include much of intensity like tennis which make it easier for people of all ages to play moreover, in this game there is no body contact between each other unlike football which make it very much popular among people of older age. People of old age like this game a lot as this help them to remain fit and active with having some activity which does not have much risk of injury.

Why Pickleball is so Popular

It’s a social activity. It can help you meet different people you can play with literally anyone.it is very easy and fun to play families can play with their own family members teaming up in a sort with team member of all ages can play and have fun.

The availability of pickleball court is also one of main advantage which facilitate people in playing them game easily and not to worry much about it but if you are unable to find one you can make one with ease as the court is lot smaller than tennis court and you can make it on badminton or tennis court by adjusting the net and chalking the lines according to the measurement and can be played in indoor also which make it within the reach of everyone.

It is a healthy activity because it includes all type of maneuver jumping, stretching, and striding with less intensity which make it perfect to keep you fit. These activity helps you maintain your heart beat, lower your blood pressure, boosting your mood and energy and is more useful in many of your body health.

When coming to fun and easiness this sport takes the lead as this sport is very easy to learn for children, women and elder people. This sport is fun playing with family and friend and makes you laugh a lot unlike tennis which is very competitive and technical in nature. Apart from playing friendly you can play competitive game also by playing singles and or doubles with your full balance aggressive partner as now there are lot of competition which has prize money and you can find a lot of sponsors for this game in many tournaments so, you can play in either ways friendly or competitive.

Pickleball is a great sport for people of all skill levels.

The rules of pickleball are so similar to those of ping-pong, almost anyone can learn to play it. Pickleball has something for everyone, whether you’re a novice looking to learn a new sport for pleasure or an experienced player seeking the excitement of more competitive play.

When coming to its skill level anyone can adjust to this game in a real quick time unlike baseball or tennis which is more difficult than this. So, more people around US are shifting to Pickleball sport then tennis as it is a game for every individual whether young or old it allows everyone seeking for a physical activity to give it a try unlike other game which require a lot of practice to reach a moderate skill level. Other paddle sport like tennis or table tennis can be difficult as it requires a lot of practice to develop a minimal skill set to play that game and you need to practice daily to polish your skills whereas pickleball is easy to learn and fun to play but when coming to competitiveness this game can be competitive also when you play with a competitive partner.


The other things which make it popular is it affordability unlike baseless this game does not require much of equipment to play with you can buy a paddle for own choice, a net and ball that’s all and you are up for the game. Its affordability and portability make it best of all for everyone. The other feature which makes more difference is minimal space requirement. A court that is one fourth of standard tennis court which makes it easy for everyone to adjust it any place whether in your streets or in your backyard.


For what reason pickleball is gaining popularity?

Pickleball is becoming popular due to its unique feature. This game is easy to learn and fun to play so, most people are shifting themselves from tennis to this game as this is accessible to every kind of people whether of old or young age, ordinary fitness, any gender or any set of skill player.

Is it fun playing Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun game to play and one of the social activities to do, People interact with different people and have fun playing this game. You can also have a good laugh playing this game with different people which may help reduce your stress.

Does playing pickleball keep you fit?

Pickleball is a decent activity to keep you fit. It can be a moderate exercise with less intensity to keep you healthy and will not cause any type of injury or body burden. Playing pickleball, you can have numerous health benefits as it include all type of manoeuvre required to keep you fit.

Is pickleball an Olympic game?

No, Pickleball is not an Olympic game due to its less popularity in other countries. Pickleball is popular in US and is gaining more popularity but its future in other countries is still uncertain. Most people in other countries don’t know that a game like this exist and, in most counties, it is not played at all not even the 1% of the population. Maybe it will take time in gaining popularity in others countries but one day it will be included in Olympic due to the unique nature.

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