What paddles do pro Pickleball players use? 2022 Latest Guide

Many of you might be wondering what paddles pro player use. The growing popularity of this game has brought a great interest of people from all parts of society across US. There is an increase of players in Pickleball every passing year. It is estimated that there are 5 million active Pickleball player.
Whether you plan to be a professional player in this game or play just for fun, you will always want to know every aspect of this game. The surging popularity of this game has driven interest in many youngsters to become pro-player.
So, you might wonder what equipment they would use, how they will earn and what their future is. In this article I will let you know about what paddle most pro-player use furthermore the core and surface material of these paddles.

How paddles are made

Paddles are made from different components. Paddle core and surface area is always important to consider before buying. The core is made up of four elements that are wood, Nomex, polymer and aluminium. Paddle core is then covered with surface material in order to complete the face of the paddle. The three-surface material which are often used are Graphite, Fiberglass Composite and Carbon Fiber. This info will help you understand the core and surface material of the paddles which are been used by many pro-players. If you know How are Pickleball Paddles made.

Which core is best for Pickleball paddles?

Understanding the core of the paddles. Wood is a simple core which is reliable but doesn’t produce enough power or spin. Wooden paddle is mostly considered by beginners as they are cheap and heavy in weight.

Aluminium paddle is made from aluminium honeycomb core. It is light weighted paddle and offers the best control and spin. The aluminium core has proven to be a trustworthy product, with 90 percent or more of all competitive player paddles using it. The minimal weight and durability of polymer cores are driving their popularity.

Nomex paddle is made from a Nomex paper with having fewer gaps between the honeycomb designs. Aside from wood cores, this paddle core is regarded one of the original cores having made form DuPont Nomex paper. The Nomex core paddles offer a good balance of power, control, and feel. These paddles are often combined with graphite to create excellent control paddles, or with fibreglass face materials to create excellent pop feel.

Polymer paddles are made from a complicated plastic blend known as polypropylene, or PP, and are one of the most popular paddles. Polymer is a heavier material, which contributes to its power (pop) reputation; nonetheless, it has less “natural” pop than aluminium or Nomex cores of equal weight. The polymer core performance will also depend upon the surface material, face and the weight of the paddle.

Which surface material is best for Pickleball paddle?

There are three surface materials commonly use at the face of paddle that are Graphite, Fiberglass Composite and Carbon Fiber.

The graphite surfaces are well recognised in their lightness and responsiveness. They can be paired with practically any core material to make paddles that are both controllable and pleasant to touch. Paddles with a graphite surface are often more expensive and long-lasting.

Fiberglass is a common choice for a surface material. It is the cheapest surface to use, but it is also the least durable. Fiberglass surfaces have a lot of pop and power.

In comparison to other surface materials, a carbon Fiber paddle surface constructed of polycarbonate lasts a long time. The carbon Fiber paddle surface is also the lightest of all, but you may have to compromise in terms of power delivery. Surface paddles made of carbon Fiber are less prevalent.

Female Pro Pickleball Player and the paddle they use

In this section I will be reviewing 5 top female pro-players and their paddles which they use in their game. Moreover, I will also be mentioning the core and surface material of their respective paddle.

1. Simone Jardim- Prince response pro Pickleball paddle

Simone Jardin belongs to Brazil and is one of the most widely known ambassador of the game. She has dominated the sport of pickleball. She has more PPA titles than any other player in history, and she is presently ranked first in Singles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. In Mixed Doubles, Jardim teams up with world No. 1 Ben Johns, and in Women’s Doubles, she teams up with world No. 2 Lucy Kovalova. She is ranked No.1 in professional Pickleball association.

She is a former tennis player, Jardim played for Fresno State University and later taught women’s college tennis. She started playing pickleball in 2015 after turning from tennis into this game, she has won over 90 medals and has won two-time Triple Crown US open champion.

She has inspired many of the young generation to play competitive pickleball game as she coached student at Michigan state university. Catherine Parenteau is one of the players inspired by her. She is the co-founder and co-director of Peak performance pickleball academy which offers training to the players.

She is sponsored by Prince Pickleball and uses Prince Response pro paddle. She collaborated with the Prince Pickleball team in the fall of 2020 and released five new designs, including three Simone trademark editions. The core of the prince response Pro paddle is made of poly core whereas its surface material or the face is made up of fiberglass. The Response Pro offers a good amount of control for players who prefer a little more power than regular graphite paddles.

Simone Jardim- Prince response pro Pickleball paddle

2. Catherine Parenteau-Paddletek Tempest wave Pro Pickleball paddle

Simone Jardim is one of the players who inspired her to the sport of Pickleball ever since then Catherine’s enthusiasm for the game flared immediately on the court. She began playing in October 2015 and was competing in the US Open just after 6 months, which is one of the largest and most competitive Pickleball competitions. Her career took off after she won the 5.0 mixed bracket.

She is currently ranked top 5 in all categories: Singles doubles and mixed doubles. She uses paddletek Tempest wave pro whose core is made of Advanced High Grade Graphite Polymer Composite Honeycomb and the surface material is made up of Textured Graphite.

Catherine Parenteau-Paddletek Tempest wave Pro Pickleball paddle

3. LUCY KOVALOVA- ONIX evoke premier Pickleball paddle

Lucky Kovalova use to play tennis in her native country Slovakia. She was member of junior national tennis team. She came to US to play collegiate tennis for Wichita State. She played doubles for the Shockers for four years. After college she switched to Pickleball and after switching to this game she has rose to the top of the ranking.

Kovalova won USA Pickleball National Championships in Indian Wells, CA, she won the Women’s Triple Crown, winning gold in Women’s Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

She is sponsored by ONIX and plays with ONIX evoke premier. It is Co-developed by Pickleball National Champions Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova for power and precision. The core is made of Polymer Honeycomb and the surface material is made up of Fiberglass Composite.

LUCY KOVALOVA- ONIX evoke premier Pickleball paddle

4. Jessie Irvine- Engage Elite Pro Maverick Pickleball Paddle

Irvine is from Cary, North Carolina, and comes to pickleball after a great tennis career. She began playing tennis at the age of 10 and become a top ten junior tennis player and a former WTA pro tennis player.

Jessie Irvine has cruised to the top of the women’s pickleball world. In all three levels of women’s pro pickleball, she is ranked in the top five. Irvine’s Mixed Doubles partner is Jeff Warnick, and her Women’s Doubles partner is Catherine Parenteau or Irina Tereschenko.

She uses Engage Elite Pro whose core is made of Control PRO Polymer Core (with Vibration Control Technology) and the surface material or the face is of Chem TEK Fiberglass.

Jessie Irvine- Engage Elite Pro Maverick Pickleball Paddle

5. Irina Tereshchenko- Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball paddle

Irina Tereshchenko began his pickleball career in 2015. Earlier she had played tennis at Texas Tech. After starting her career there was no looking back as she dominated this game ever since that. Irina Tereshchenko won women’s singles gold at the 2016 USAPA Nationals and women’s pro doubles champion at the 2018 USAPA Nationals alongside Lucy Kovalova and 2019 US Open. She has 35 career gold medals and 2 USAPA nationals pro gold medals.

Paddletek sponsors her, and she paddles with EX-L bantams. Bantam EX-L paddle core is made from High Grade Polymer Composite Honeycomb whereas its surface material is made of Velvet textured Polycarbonate.

Irina Tereshchenko- Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball paddle

Male Pro Pickleball Player and the paddle they use

I will list top 5 men pro players and the paddles they use along with that I will also mention the core and surface material of their paddles.

1. Ben johns-Franklin signature Pickleball paddle

Ben johns starting playing Pickleball in 2016 when was still a student at university of Maryland. The Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) as well as the World Pickleball Rankings and Global Pickleball Rankings, have ranked him No. 1 in the world for doubles, mixed doubles, and singles. He presently possesses 8/9 of the sport’s main trophies, as well as more than 80 medals from professional tournaments, and is still adding to that total, with some referring to him as the “Greatest of All Time.”

He has a sponsorship deal with Franklin Sports since 2019 and plays with a paddle named: The ben johns signature paddle. The polypropylene paddle core is built for durability and powerful shot, while the fiberglass surface layer on the face ensures a larger sweet spot in the center of the paddle.

Ben johns- Franklin signature Pickleball paddle

2- Matt Wright- ONIX Evoke premier Pickleball paddle

In 2016, he started playing pickleball and was immediately hooked. Matt teamed up with Lucy Kovalova for their first mixed doubles tournament later that year, winning the 19+ age class at the 2016 US Open. That competition instilled them the belief that they could compete at the top level. Since then, he has won gold in the open division at three major Pro Pic competitions, a remarkable feat.

Matt wright has won US Open Champion 4times, USA National Champion 7times and Tournament of Champions Gold Medalist

He partnered with ONIX and plays with ONIX Evoke premier. This paddle is co-designed by Pickleball National Champions Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova . The core is built from Polypropylene and the face is shaped from the material of DF Composite.

Matt Wright- ONIX Evoke premier Pickleball paddle

3- Riley Newman- Selkirk amped epic Pickleball paddle

He is ranked No. 3 in the world in Men’s and Mixed Doubles, and he plays with Tyson McGuffin and his sister Lindsey Newman. Mark Cook, a friend, former referee, and Selkirk player, introduced Newman to pickleball in the summer of 2017. Because Newman had spent his entire life playing tennis at such a high level.

Newman won gold in the mixed doubles bracket in his first 5.0 competition with his sister Lindsey Newman. He is a Right-handed player and plays using two-hand backhand technique which most tennis players are used to.

He is sponsored by Selkirk and plays with Selkirk amped epic. This paddle is made from X5 Core and the face is made using FiberFlex material.

Riley Newman- Selkirk amped epic Pickleball paddle

4- Tyson Mcguffin- Selkirk Invikta Pickleball paddle

He is a four-time Grand Slam gold medallist in Men’s Open Singles, a four-time National Champion, and the 2018 Tournament of Champions’ Men’s Open Doubles champion. McGuffin, a former competitive tennis player, is now one of the most accomplished and well-known players in Professional Pickleball. In reality, he is the world’s number one singles player and the number four men’s doubles player.

He plays with Selkirk Invikta. This paddle is built from X5 HONEYCOMB THICK CORE and has a Fiberflex facing in the surface material.

Tyson Mcguffin- Selkirk Invikta Pickleball paddle

5-Paul Olin-Gamma legend Pickleball paddle

Paul, like most pickleball players, was a collegiate tennis player. In the Men’s Single Senior Pro Pickleball Championships, Paul is rated first, while in the Men’s Senior Pro Doubles, he is placed 15th. His most recent victories were the 2019 US Open (Silver) and The Lakes Spring Fling (Gold), however he has been a medallist since 2017.

He plays with Gamma legend. Gamma has also launched a Paul Olin edition of this paddle. The core is manufactured by NeuCore Poly Core material and the hitting surface uses Textured Fiber Glass face.

Paul Olin- Gamma legend Pickleball paddle


Q1- Which pickleball paddle do the pro player use?

Ans- Selkirk is the most popular paddle brand among professionals. Selkirk produced more than half of the paddles mentioned. Paddletek and Engage were the other two top brands. Gamma, Gearbox, and Pro-lite were all mentioned.

Q2- Graphite or composite which pickleball paddle is better?

Ans- Composite paddles are indeed a decent solution. They are priced in the middle range and come in a variety of weights and sizes. Whereas graphite paddles are the premium choice as they are most expensive paddles, they are light in weight and powerful.

Q3- Is it possible to make money playing pickleball??

Ans- A top professional pickleball player can earn between $50,000 and $200,000. The greatest contributor of earnings is usually gear sponsorship, with some of the top players apparently making around $80k from it.


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