What is Pickleball 2022 Latest Guide- And why is it So Popular

Many of you might have heard about the game Pickleball and might be wondering what this game is all about. This game is one of the fastest growing sports in US and is played almost in 37+ countries. We can determine it increasing popularity by the figures that there are 37 countries which are part of international Pickleball federation which is almost double than what it was 18 months ago.

why pickleball is so popular

What this game is all about

This game is a blend of three games badminton, tennis and table tennis. This game combines element of all these games. Pickleball is a simple paddle game which is similar to racket sport, the paddle is measured as 15 to 16 inches in length and 7 to 8 inches in width. Moreover, pickleball is played with a baseball size whiffled ball over a tennis positioned net on a court same in size as of badminton court. The net is positioned like tennis which is 36 inches long in length and 34 inches is the height of the net from the ground. It is fun sport and one of the increasingly popular sport among people of all ages. It can be played indoor and outdoor.

This sport is inexpensive and portable as compare to other sports like baseball you don’t need much of the equipment to play this game. You can also make Pickleball court in your street or in your backyard which is 20 feet wide 44 feet long which is 20 by 44 feet in size. Due to the increasing popularity of this game, there are more and more court been built in every state especially in senior communities and more of the tennis court has been turn into Pickleball court and you can also trace a Pickleball court around you by online search. The other equipment is paddle and ball. The ball is made of hard plastic with holes on it with having size similar to baseball.

If you are new to this game, you will require a paddle to start playing this game. For beginner’s wooden paddle is recommended as it is inexpensive just costing $15. The wooden paddle will be heavy in weight but will be adequate for beginner but with mastering this game you can move to graphite or composite paddle which may start from $50 and can cost around $150 for the top-of-the-line paddle. The whiffle ball start from $10 and goes till $20 having ball made up of different type of plastic whereas the ball size and weight remain same irrespective of its price. The standard at which the ball is regulated in weight is between .78 to .935 ounce and for size 2.874 to 2.972 inches in diameter. For more info about Pickleball paddles, you can read How to choose a Pickleball paddle.

There is also a USA Pickleball association which regulate the game in which they define the official rules and propound the equipment which are to be used.

Pickleball Paddle

The origin of this game

This game was invented by three dads in one summer afternoon in 1965 on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, WA. When Joel Pritchard, Barney McCallum, and Bill Bell were looking to keep their children busy in some activity that’s when they gave them a wooden paddle of table tennis, a whiffle ball and lowered the net on a badminton court that’s how this game came into business and became one of the major sources of activity and fun for many people as it is considered one of the family sports. People like to play this game on family gathering as it is not that much intense as tennis, easily accessible and one of the activities to make fun and move some muscles in moderate intensity.

Game Rules

This game has lot of official rules and one can read those rules on US Pickleball association official web. I will be telling some basic rules for beginners you can score point when you are serving which means only the serving side can score. Points are scored by legal service in which ball shouldn’t land in no-volley zone or by winning the rally. The ball must remain inbound and there should be one bounce per side moreover, the game finishes at 11, 15 or 21 points and won by a gap of 2 point 11-9, 12-10 etc.

Why pickleball is so popular

Pickleball has seen a rise in popularity in recent years due to its compatibility and unique features. It is very much liked by all individuals. This game can be competitive also for the young generation and can be a fun activity for elders. It doesn’t target one segment of the society. Now a days this game has attracted a lot of fans following and that has brought a lot of sponsors to this game. This game is easy to learn and fun to play. If you want to know more about it increasing popularity read more

The pickleball court that is recommended is almost four times smaller than a tennis court. This implies that a pickleball court does not require a lot of area to set up. Because of the tiny size of the playing field, it is a good choice for most backyards.

Why Pickleball is good for Seniors

We have seen a lot around us that elders looking game which is suitable for them to play, fun to play and have not much risk of injury. So, now a day most of the senior citizen has been shifting to this game as a major source of entertainment. It is a family game they can play with anyone in the family with women’s or children and is a fun activity which can give you a good laugh. Playing this game keep them healthy, active and can be potential mood booster. The maneuver which we do in this game helps you lower your stress, increase in blood flow and improve hand on eye co-ordination.

What is Pickleball


Q-1:Why is it called pickleball?
Ans- Joel Pritchard’s wife started to call this pickleball because it is a combination of different sports which reminded Joel Pritchard’s wife of the pickle boat of crew in which oarsmen were chosen from the left over of others boats.

Q-2:How is pickleball different from tennis?
Ans- Pickleball is different from tennis as it played on court which is half in size to tennis court and same court is use for singles and doubles unlike tennis. The ball also has less bounce as it is made of different type of plastic moreover, there is a 7-foot no-volley zone, popularly called “the kitchen,” extending from the net.

Q-3:Is pickleball easy and inexpensive?
Ans- Pickleball is very easy as compared to tennis and fun to play. It is also very affordable to play this game as it doesn’t require much of equipment to play with and that equipment can also range from low to high price depending upon the quality of the equipment.

Q-4:Can we play pickleball on grass?
Ans- Grass isn’t an appropriate surface to play this game as the ball is made of plastic it won’t bounce on grass. You will require a hard surface or a concrete wall to play this game.

Q-5:Can I lose weight by playing pickleball?
Ans- This game can be played in both singles and doubles and is not as aggressive as tennis but can be moderate exercise which will help you maintain your weight or keep you fit. This game can be help you remain fresh and active.

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