PPA Updates New Serve Rules for the 2022 Tour

The Pickleball Association has announced that it will be introducing new serve rules for the 2022 World Championships in order to make the game more exciting and competitive. This includes new rules for serving, The PPA Tour has been developing these new rules for some time now, and we are very excited to share them with you now. The new rules will be implemented at the World Championships in September.

How Many Pickleball Rules Changes were Considered for 2022?

According to a post in the “Ask the (Pickleball) Refs” Facebook Group by Melody Woodsum, the USA Pickleball Rules Committee received 71 suggested changes from the public.

“There are 33 changes that were recommended by the IFP Rules Committee for consideration by the USAP Rules Committee. The USAP Rules Committee approved 18 of those changes.

What are the Rule Changes Coming in 2022?

With a proposed effective date of January 1, 2022, here are a handful of the more notable changes coming next year. The “provisional” status of the drop serve has been removed.

It was a good move to make the drop serve a permanent service option beginning in 2022, as it does give new players a chance for service success right away if they’re struggling with the traditional method.

The Drop Serve is the modern way to serve. Here’s how to get the most out of your drop serve with the correct technique and technique tips. The traditional serve, on the other hand, remains legal and popular.

It’s also very important to note, however, that a server using this method still has the same opportunity to impart spin with their non-paddle hand and use it in the opposite direction. This makes a lot of sense to me.

Rally scoring was rejected again in 2022. Now you can only score points if you are serving in a match, and that means traditionalists who dislike the rally scoring system will be ecstatic. Starting a match at 0-0 and playing to 2-0, will be illegal now.

Reinstating the let serve was rejected. Serve hits the net and land beyond the non-volley zone, and is in the correct serving court, continue to be live and should be played.

For me it’s a great opportunity to meet up with a bunch of other people who like playing golf, and who are just as excited to play golf.

The changes include:

  • The serve will now be a 2-handed serve. The player serving must be facing the net.
  • The serving area will be between the service line and the service box.
  • A service point will be awarded for every 2 points that the server makes.
  • The server may use any type of serve (smash, drop, etc.)
  • The server must follow the new serve rule and wait for the receiver to hit the ball before returning the serve.
  • The receiver must hit the ball in the correct location on the court.
  • The receiver must hit the ball with a high arc.
  • The receiver must hit the ball in the correct area on the court.


The PPA – What Makes these 2 Pickleball Tours Different?

Answer: PPA (Pickleball Players Association) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to build a strong pickleball community and make sure the sport is accessible to everyone, regardless of their level or ability. The PPA’s goal was to help players stay fit during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help grow pickleball by introducing the game to new communities.

What are the Rule Changes Coming in 2022?

Answer: We had one rule change on the board already! The 2-6-2 point score has been moved up to 3-4-3, and scoring is now 3 points for winning the first game, 2 points for a tie game, and 1 point for each additional point in the game after that. Other rule changes in the pipeline include the addition of a two-point bonus to a double fault.

How does the new serve rule affect my game?

Answer: The new serve rule will affect your game because it will take away your ability to hit the ball with an upward movement of your arm.

Does this rule affect my game?

Answer: Yes, the new serve rules will affect your game. It is important that you understand the new serve rules 


There’s much more to come! The rulebook and change document will be published soon, and we’re still making some minor changes before it goes live. We want to know what you think about the new rules and how they’ll affect you. Lat us know in comments below.

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