How to Regrip Pickleball Paddle- Correctly replace Grip (step by step)

When playing Pickleball sport you might need to change or over grip your paddle grip time to time. Changing grip is an easy process yet need to master so that your performance may not be hindered by any obstacle. You may need your grip to be clean and shouldn’t be adhesive, so you may avoid any inconvenience regarding your performance. In this article you will get to know how to change pickleball paddle or over grip it.

Over gripping is a process of gripping your paddle over your stock grip in order to get better hold. Over grips are placed on top of the original base grip to give the impression of a completely new racket handle. They may be readily removed and replaced with a new over grip when they become worn out. Over grip may provide you with better control and less chances of paddle slipping out of your hand.

Pickleball paddle grip

Difference between replacement and over grip

The difference between replacement and over grip is that, over grip is expressed to make your paddle feel different by adding extra grip on your custom grip. Whereas replacement grip are quite simple as they are most affordable ones and does not provide extra benefits.

There are many replacement grips in the market which best support your requirements, you can moreover check grips for your particular paddle on our site.
When it comes to over grip they are quite different as they are rolled on your stock grip and provide you with better grip and feel. Over grip not only make your paddle look better but they also improve the functionality of your grip by improving the tackiness of your grip.

Stock grip on your Paddle

Whenever you buy a pickleball paddle, you always look for a paddle suitable in all aspect. When buying a paddle, you look at its handle length, then on that handle is a stock grip. Stock grip is the company rolled grip on the handle. You may further decide to play with it or not but after certain time it will get worn due to sweat. So, in your playing career you will always need to change the grip over and over again Instead of playing with stock grip you can also roll another grip over it known as over grip. Replacing your grip completely will require you to remove your old grip and replace it with one that you prefer to put on.
The majority of new paddles on the market come with high-quality grips, but they will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Now a days there are a lot of sweat absorbing grips in the market as most racket sport need changing of grip after some time. Similar is the case with tennis as it requires changing of grip after being worn out. You can also use tennis grip on a pickleball paddle as the tennis handle length is longer, you will only need to trim the grip from bottom.

When to replace your Paddle grip

The purpose of the grip is to provide you with better control. When your grip feels too silky and not tacky, it can be a sign of grip being worn out moreover, when your paddle might feel slipping out of your hand.
If you think your grip has lost its tackiness, you should consider replacing it. New grip not only provide you with better hold but also gives your paddle a new life. Your paddle looks fresh with new grip and it might look good. At many instances you think of changing your paddle but instead of changing paddle you might consider changing the grip.
You can replace your Paddle grip with best quality sweat absorbing grips having powerful hold, tackiness and lesser chances of slipping out of hand. New grips will only last between 100-150 hours of playing as this is there life.

How to completely replace your Paddle grip

When it comes to completely replacing your grip you need to get rid of your previous grip. If it is your first time changing the grip just relax and be patient. You will get use to it once you get it done for one to two times. Now for complete beginners I will try to take you step by step.
First gather the things which are to be used in this process that are

  1. Scissor
  2. New grip
  3. Adhesive tape

Unwrapping the previous grip

Now just grasp your pickleball paddle and remove the previous grip. You can simply remove your previous grip by removing the tape from the bottom of the grip and then unrolling the grip turns. By unrolling the grip turns you make the grip reach till the butt-end of the handle and hence your grip is removed from the paddle. After the grip is removed there must be some sticky particles or the leftover of the grip on the handle. You can remove these material by pulling them out from the surface of the handle as a result, your paddle is unclad and ready for gripping.

Wrapping the Handle with new grip

So, now your paddle is bare and furthermore, you may have also removed the residue of previous grip from the handle. Take your new grip, you may see two ends for your new grip. You must start gripping your handle from the butt-cap and keep applying the grip by going straight horizontally and not diagonally upward. You will roll you grips in turns through the whole handle till the bottom then that’s where you stop. Your grip must stop at the bottom and you need to decide from where to cut the grip off. Consequently, this is the time for which the scissor was gathered. At the bottom where the grip has reached pull the grip straight and trim it off from the scissor. You may cut your grip from little ahead of finishing as to give it a last wrap. After being trimmed from a certain point you grip the handle one last leftover wrap. Once your wrapping is done all around the handle and it perfectly fit in. You may have got a sticking tape from your new grip packing immediately stick your new grip from that sticking tape. The sticking tape would be one inch long in size just roll that sticking tape on the grip in order to hold your grip together.

Wrapping grip on pickleball paddle

How to put an over-grip on your Paddle

You all maybe familiar with what an over-grip is furthermore, it is the same process as gripping your handle is. So, when putting an over grip on your standard grip you need an over grip. A scissor as the grip needs to be trimmed from bottom. An adhesive tape or in most cases an over-grip have its own sticking tape.
Now it about rolling the grip on the handle. People go in both ways start rolling from the bottom and going till butt cap and vice versa. Whereas it is advisable to start from butt cap and reach till bottom.
After starting from butt cap reaching your grip till the end of the handle or at a point where it start the face paddle. You should remove the tape backing of previous grip with that you should put your over- grip on the top of previous grip and tape it at the end other then it, you can also find a self-sticking material in the over-grip. You just need to stick your over-grip on your previous grip by an already available backing adhesive and there you are an over-grip is rolled on your standard grip.

over-gripping the paddle on the standard grip
Best grips and over grips

You might need to change the grip of your paddle after every 150 hrs of playing what most people advise of doing. So, now a days there are a lot of grips and over-grips to choose from. Some of the best grips which is most popular among vast majority are Gamma grip. Gamma grips comes in different colours. You can choose from white black and a set of neon colours.
You can also choose grips from Prolite sports. Prolite No-Sweat Diamond Grip is one of the popular grips among sweaty hands whereas both companies have wide range of grips and over-grips to choose for your paddle.

Gamma grip

Final go

Gripping your handle is not a big deal and can be a regular activity once you are done with it for first few times. If you are beginner, you may get panic that it may get wrong but by follow these steps and working calmly will make thing work, go well for you. Nevertheless, gripping is a part of your sport activity and you need to master it in order to avoid any hindrance. Hope so this article has helped you in many positive ways about your queries.


Q1- Can we use tennis grip for pickleball paddle?
Ans- This is one of the questions that most people have thought of. The answer to this question is yes. Yes, you can use tennis grip on the pickleball paddle whereas tennis racquet handle is longer then pickleball paddle. We may need to trim the grip of tennis when wrapping a pickleball paddle.

Q2- How often should I replace pickleball paddle grip?
Ans- This is also one of the questions that many of you have thought of. It all depends upon your playing habits. It can last 150 hrs of playing and more then it having some other factor effecting it that are your sweating habit, you playing intensity and your care for your equipment.

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