How to fix my pickleball paddle plastic edge guard? | 2022 Latest Tips

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sport of US. Nowadays we have seen a lot of new paddles launched in the market by different companies. People lately have been very interested in this game therefore we have seen many of them buying latest paddle for themselves.

This game is very portable and accessible to everyone. You just need a paddle and a whiffle ball to start playing with your partner. Paddles can be divided into three categories, with costs ranging from $13 to $36 for wood, composite from $45 to $145, and graphite from $60 to $145. There are a lot of players playing this game as a report there are 5 million active players of pickleball. So, people love to spend money on buying latest paddle with some paddle cost over hundred dollar or some high-end latest paddle can go over 150+ dollars.

So is the surging popularity of this game Head and Wilson had also introduced their line of Pickleball paddle. So, spending hundred dollar is not what people are concerned about. The main disappointment is to see its edge guard wearing out quickly.

Edge Guard for Pickleball Paddle is one of the most common cause that need repair. The use of an edge guard is necessary for the correct operation of your pickleball paddle. Although the primary function of this guard is to protect the edge of the pickleball paddle, it also serves to hold the various layers of the paddle together. As a result, it ensures long-term durability and dependability.

The main component used to make the paddle is the core, which is then subsequently coated with a face known as surface material. After that a little detail is added which is known as edge guard and is of more use than you will ever think of. Although there are a few good edgeless pickleball paddles on the market these days, such as Wilson’s BLX and Wilson’s Champ, but most people still prefer a paddle with an edge guard since it protects the core. For more detail about how are Pickleball paddles made visit

In this article I will tell you what an edge guard is? Why it is important? How to save it from quickly wearing out? And how to fix edge guard when needed?

What is an edge guard?

It’s a comprehensive detail which is added after the paddle core is completed. This is done by adding protective gear to the paddle’s edges, which seals and protects the side layers of the Pickleball paddle from delamination. The edge guard protects your paddle from damage if you drop it accidently. You can also add lead tape on your edge guard so that your edge guard remain together and can be avoided wearing out quickly adding tape can also add 60 grams to the weight of your paddle.

Edge guard has no visible effect on the way you play or any shot you’ve ever struck, but it does help keep your paddle together. One of the biggest worries about edge guard wear is that if you continue to play the game with the edge guard missing, the paddle layers will become damaged or separated.

Why edge guard is important?

The first and foremost reason why it is important for a paddle to have the edge guard is that, it protects the core from delamination. When the paddle face separates from the core, this is known as delamination. Paddles that have been delaminated are considered “dead.” Small parts of the core break off from time to time and rattle about inside the paddle. Moreover, it keeps the whole paddle together. It’s possible that a paddle with an edge guard will last longer.

How to protect edge guard from wearing off

Your paddle is a sensitive playing gear if you keep it with care, it will last longer than expected. You should store your paddle in your sport bag, there are many pickleball bag in the market moreover avoid leaving it in a place where it is hot. Keep it safe from the direct exposure of sunlight for long time as it will automatically ruin your paddle and your edge guard. Your edge guard is held together with an adhesive material like glue and if you keep it in hot place, it will definitely affect the glue and the edge guard will most probably wear out. If you are the one who loves your sporting gear, I would recommend you too purchase Edge guard lead tape and install it on rims by yourself.

You run the lead tape across the paddle’s top. Keep the tape in the middle of the edge Guard, that’s ideal. Keep in mind that a quarter-inch-width tape will add 0.25 grams to the total weight.

Keep your paddle to yourself avoid giving it to children’s who may rub the paddle edge with any surface which will then destroy the edge guard. Avoid dropping any liquid substance on your paddle as this may damage your gear in all aspects.

How to fix already employed edge guard

In this process you are fixing your old edge guard which is already employed on it so you only need glue to carry out this task.  You need to decide which glue to use as some people use crazy glue, some prefer gorilla super glue and some even go with Goo Glue. It’s up to you which glue you prefer using on the edge of the paddle. In this case you need to see if your edge guard doesn’t need replacement as it has only been loosened off from one to two places and is still in a better shape. You just apply glue on the inside edge of the guard from where it has been worn off and then firmly press the edge guard to the paddle and hold it for some time. This is all what you have to do and then leave your paddle from some time maybe for hours in a room temperature or under fan so that your edge guard get firmly attached to the surface and then you are ready to shine again.

How to replace and put new edge guard 

When replacing the edge guard, you need to gather some equipment which will help you in all this process as likewise before giving exam you need a pen same is the case here. These things are

1-New edge guard


3-Cleaning cloth or cotton ball and alcohol


After gathering all the required elements, you just need to take the previous edge guard from the paddle with great care. Your previous edge guard is also attached with glue so taking it off require considerable attention. As your edge guard would be still firmly attached to the surface of the paddle from some places. Try to slowly take of the edge guard from the surface where it has already been loosened off or from where it has lost all its grip and attachment and then comes the difficult part. It about getting edge guard separated from the places where it still holds the grip with paddle edge at these places, you can use knife or scissor at whatever thing you feel confident off. Just grasp any of this object and start scratching the left-over patches with their blade horizontally but you should be very careful in this process. Operate slowly and patiently so that you can avoid any injure or ruining your paddle.

Then comes the second process as you get rid of previous edge guard you are moving in right direction. It’s time to remove the old glue from the surface of the paddle as if you put new glue, it won’t stick properly and the result won’t be stratifying. So, it’s also better to get rid of previous glue for this take cotton ball or cotton swab and soak it in alcohol and rub that on the edge slowly and keep doing it till you get rid of previous glue from the edges. This will take your previous glue from the surface as well as removes the dust particle from the edges. Now your paddle is like a guard less paddle has edges clean and clear from any adhesive material and dust particles. It would now give you a feel of new paddle.

Now you have your new edge guard and adhesive glue to stick it on paddle. Edge guard are mostly made of rubber material so you can stretch it for proper settlement on the edges and for a proper understanding keep your new edge guard bare on the edge. At this point you will get clear picture of how much to stretch and how to keep it properly on the edges. Here comes the role of glue, you now have two ways of gluing the edge guard. Firstly, you can apply adhesive to the inside of the edge guard rubber before placing it on the edges. The second is to put glue on the paddle’s edges first and then put an edge guard on it. For me the first one works well it’s up to you in which way you go. I would recommend it would be easier for you to put glue in edge guard as you have earlier stretched it till the size of the edges and had a clear image just put the glue inside edge guard and place it on the edge. Whereas putting the glue on the paddle edge is also good but can go wrong as you can accidently drop glue on the surface of the paddle.

The last thing would be leaving it to dry as in fixing the edge guard I have earlier told that leaving it for some time maybe for hours can be beneficial so that it can stick firmly moreover it also depends on the glue you use as how much time it takes to firmly attach in this procedure.

Adding lead tape on the edge guard

You can also add lead tape on the edge guard of the paddle. This can actually work as a balance tape. The lead tape isn’t actually a repair item. However, doing so will give your paddle more stability and weight. This might help to improve the pickleball paddle’s balance if desired.


Q1- Where do you put lead tape on a pickleball paddle?

Ans- Allaround the Pickleball Paddle (i.e., from just above the handle to the opposite side of the pickleball paddle that is just above the handle) — Wrap the lead tape over the whole edge of your pickleball paddle to add at least a full ounce of weight.


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