How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle -2022 Latest Guide

Choosing the right paddle for your game is always important. Here we will discuss how to choose a pickleball paddle. When buying a pickleball paddle you need to consider some factors for your paddle before buying which may enhance your performance. Everybody has a different set of requirements for their paddle. You will always consider a paddle according to your comfort level and ease.

Choosing the right paddle for yourself isn’t difficult but can be challenging. In this article I will talk about the things you need to consider before buying your paddle. If you are new to the game, it is advisable to go with the standard size and weight of the paddle with wooden paddle material.

Pickleball Paddle

You must consider these three factors when buying your paddle:


Weight is one of the foremost factors to consider when buying a paddle for yourself. When holding your paddle, you need to look at how comfortable you feel to carry it and how is the swing considering the amount of weight you hold throughout the game. Do you get tired of playing with your paddle? What is the perfect weight for you? Moreover, the paddle comes in different sizes ranging from 170 grams to 400 grams so choosing the right weight paddle for you is always the best decision for your game.

A lightweight paddle is perfect for you if you are a newcomer or a beginner. the lightweight paddle is easy to use for the amateur player but it won’t be delivering that much power in a shot that the same heavyweight paddle can deliver but you can practice it for a short period of time and then move to more weight paddle according to your requirement.

If you have been playing this game for a while you always look for a medium-weight paddle in which you feel more comfortable and is suitable according to your body weight and stamina so that you can play tirelessly till the end of the game. If you play with a heavy-weight paddle that doesn’t feel comfortable for you can cause elbow injury too. Another drawback for playing with a heavy pickle paddle is that you can lose your control in the shot and can hit out of the court or in a different direction.

A heavyweight paddle can be the right choice for you if you have been playing this game for a long time and have a strong wrist moreover you can use a heavyweight paddle for more power delivery in your shots if you have the stamina to play with it in full control till the end.


The handle is also an important factor considering your game performance. you will always need a grip that is not so long or so short for you. You need an adequate grip to be performing well in your game.

Mostly handle size varies from 4 inches to 5 inches so choosing the right option is always necessary mostly your handle depends upon the size of your hands and your grip positioning. people with a small hand can perfectly grip a handle of 4 inches whereas the standard size which most people prefer to grip is a paddle of 4.3 inches then people with large hands prefer to use a handle of 4.5 inches or more than it.

In this case, the best things are to try paddle before buying. you can try different paddles by gripping them in your natural positioning and doing shadow practice for a while to give you a clear picture of your comfort level. Both hands should be completely covering the grip and you must feel easy. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the grip tape as you can easily add more to make it larger or change it according to your comfort level

Choose your Best Pickleball Paddle

Paddle Material

Material is also one of the factors to overview. Paddles are made of different materials wooden, composite, or graphite.

The wooden paddle is the heaviest and one of the least used paddles. If you’re an absolute beginner the wooden paddle is the one you may look for other than this not many people, use the wooden paddle.

Composite pickleball paddle is a medium-range paddle not so expensive, not so cheap it comes in different variety and different sizes. Moreover, the composite pickleball paddle is made of three materials Aluminum, Nomex, and polymer when buying a composite paddle, you need to choose between these 3 core materials.

Graphite Pickleball paddle is the best among all these and is the highest quality paddle with average weight and maximum power delivery.

Pickleball paddle


Price maybe one of the factor to consider when buying a new paddle. It may seems least important factor, yet it need to be considered as most people play this game as a fun activity. Pickleball paddles range in price from less than $10 to $160 or more for the most expensive ones.

If you’re purchasing on a budget, we recommend looking for paddles that are both inexpensive and come with a performance guarantee. Purchasing a $40 paddle that wears out in a few months may cost you more than purchasing a much more costly paddle that lasts longer.

Final go

When buying a pickleball paddle for your own self you always need to try your hands on different paddles to get an idea of what makes you feel comfortable and is just right for you. Moreover, the right thing will be always the standard recommendation like the 4.25 inches of handle and weight of 215 grams.


Q1- What is the right weight for a pickleball paddle?

Ans- Pickleball paddle weight ranges from 6 ounces to 14 ounces whereas pro player opts to choose weight in between 6 ounces to 9 ounces. Whereas mostly wooden paddle has a weight of more than 9 ounces which are mostly used by a beginner.

Q2- What is the best pickleball paddle for beginners?

Ans- For beginners, it’s advisable to go with a standard size and weight paddle with a wooden material paddle.

Q3- What is the best material for a paddle?

Ans- For beginner’s wood core paddle is the best but when talking about pro-player then graphite is the best and most expensive paddle with optimal power deliverance.

Q4- how long a pickleball paddle can last?

Ans- Pickleball paddle can last in between 1 to 5 years depending upon the quality and usage.

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