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Pickleball is a sport that many of you are acquainted with, and you may have even tried it. It has been increasingly popular in recent years. The game’s growing popularity has resulted in a significant increase in demand for its equipment. The key piece of equipment in this game is the paddle. Have you ever considered how a Pickleball paddle is made? What kind of materials are employed? And when is the handle attached? Let’s look at how Pickleball paddles are made.

Pickleball Paddle

Paddle components

When it comes to the paddle, there are two basic components. One is core and the other is handle. Other than this there are several other component also. The core is the main material from which the paddle is created, and the core is then covered with a face known as surface material. The handle is manufactured independently and then attached to the core. You can cover your handle with the grip of your own liking. Once the paddle is manufactured there are two more little details added to it that are edge guard and handle cap. We will be looking into every factor in detail one by one.

Paddle Core

When picking a paddle, the core is the most important factor to consider. You must be well informed about it. The spin, power delivery, and control may depend on your core. There are four elements out of which the core is made- wood, Nomex, polymer and aluminium.


Wooden paddle is a simple paddle which is the most inexpensive option to have. Beginners prefer wooden paddles since they are hesitant to invest more money on equipment. Wooden paddle was the first paddle to be used in the game when the game was invented. Wooden paddle is the most durable and heaviest in weight and is considered one of the best options for newbies.


A paddle is made from a Nomex paper with having fewer gaps between the honeycomb designs. Aside from wood cores, This paddle core is regarded one of the original cores having made form DuPont Nomex paper. Paddle having been made from Dupont Nomex paper are heat and flame resistant. Paddle offers excellent control and optimal power delivery in your shot. Nonetheless Nomex paddle tend to make more noise then wooden and polymer paddle.


Polymer paddles are produced from a complex plastic blend known as polypropylene or PP, and are one of the most commonly used paddles. Polymer paddle has been made from honeycomb core and the honeycomb pattern are softer and more evenly spaced. The polymer paddle is very much popular among players as it offers better control and good power delivery. Polymer paddles are quiet and generate no noise, making them an excellent choice for usage in the backyard or on the street.


Aluminum paddle is one of the popular choices among many players. Aluminum paddle is made from aluminum honeycomb core. It is light weighted paddle and offers the best control and spin. When you hit a shot with power, the aluminum paddle creates a small noise. Although an aluminum paddle does not offer the same power as a polymer or Nomex paddle, but it still continues to be one of the most popular choice among players.

Surface material of the Paddle

Once the core is made from any of the above mention material then the face of the paddle is covered with different material. When the core is combined with any of the surface materials, it gives it a final touch that may be selected by individual according to their preferences.

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A paddle surface made from graphite material is one of the lightest and majestic things to have, as it delivers more power and control. Graphite surface paddles are the most expensive and durable. Graphite surface paddle are stiff and have more spin.

Fiberglass Composite

Composite paddle surface is made up of materials such as fibreglass and graphite. The majority of non-wood paddles, such as graphite and polycarbonate paddles, are composite paddles. Fiberglass is a popular material to use as a surface material. It is the least expensive surface to use and less durable. Whereas, Fiberglass Composite delivers ideal power on your shot.

Carbon Fiber

A carbon Fiber paddle surface made from polycarbonate are long lasting as compare to other surface material. Carbon Fiber paddle surface is also the lightest of all whereas, you might have to comprise in power output. It has less power deliverance then other surface material but provide best control. Carbon Fiber paddles are also the most expensive.

A stiff or hard paddle tend to create more noise. For individuals who live in gated neighborhoods or are trying to play the game in a communal gym, this can be an issue. Some sorts of paddles should be avoided if you want to keep things quiet.

The Nomex core paddles will be the loudest of the paddles you’ll come across. If noise is an issue for you, a paddle with a polymer core is the ideal option. You’ll be able to have fun playing pickleball without bothering others.

Apart from the three materials mentioned in this list, Polypropylene and aluminum are also used as surface material.

When the core and surface materials have been placed, a bit additional detail is put to it, which adds texture for a beautiful appearance. However, the USA Pickleball Association provides a Strick guideline for the amount of texture to be placed, as greater texture might increase ball spin.

The total length and width of the paddle, including any edge guards and handle caps, must not exceed 24 inches. The length of the paddle must not exceed 17 inches. Whereas, there is no restriction on paddle thickness.

Paddle Handle

When the paddle’s head is finished, the handle is produced to go with it. It’s created in the same way that tennis and badminton rackets handle are. When the paddle’s head is complete, the handle is built and attached to it.

After the handle has been made and affixed to the head, the texture of screen print or vinyl is added. This will enable them to solely add texture to the head.
When the handle is finished and linked to the paddle, a grip is added, which is made of foam material that is securely wrapped around the handle. Although the grip was added to make you feel more comfortable, you can alter it to your preference and add grip that suits your game style.

The handle is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 5.5 inches in length. The handle measures between 4 to 4.5 inches in circumference. You can choose a paddle with a small or large handle size based on your preference. How you prefer to grip your handle and depending upon the size of your hands.

Edge Guards

It’s a small feature that was added after the paddle core was completed. This is done by adding protective gear to the paddle’s edges, which seals and protects the Pickleball paddle’s side layers from de-lamination. When you drop your paddle by accident, the edge guard protects it from any damage. Furthermore, you can apply tape to your edge guard by yourself. You can purchase Edge guard tape and install it on rims by yourself and this may increase the weight of you paddle by 60 grams.

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Handle cap

When the head and handle have been finished. A little extra detail has been added to it in the form of a butt cap that is slightly larger in circumference than the handle and affixed to the bottom of the handle. The grip is completed once after the handle cap is applied. The handle cap is circular and fastened at the beginning of the handle, which may prevent your hand from slipping. The butt cap adds to the aesthetic appeal of the handle and, more importantly, it protects your handle if you drop your paddle.
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Nowadays, there are many various types of paddles to pick from. You may get a paddle with any core material and surface material you choose, as well as any handle size you want. You can use whichever paddle you choose because there are so many options to choose from thanks to ongoing evolution and invention.
Furthermore, there are numerous Pickleball paddle manufacturers on the market, all of them aim to supply you with the best. Apart from the usefulness of the paddle, many companies also provide warranties for their products. Paddles today seem professional and elegant.


Q-1:What is the best surface for pickleball paddle?
Ans- Fiber Glass Composite is the most popular paddle surface as it usually cost less than graphite or carbon Fiber paddles. It is less durable than other surface material but gives you ideal power on your shot.

Q-2:What is the best weight for your Pickleball paddle?
Ans- when choosing your Pickleball paddle there are many factors to consider and weight is one of them. The ideal weight depends upon your preference but 8.5 oz is considered to be the best. Whereas, Paddles range in weight from approximately 6 (lightweight paddles) to 14 ounces (heavy paddles).

Q-3:What are the Pickleball paddle components?
Ans- Paddles are made up of several components. This consists Core, Surface material, Handle, Edge guard and butt cap. This all components combine to make Paddle.

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